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Poster: William Tell Date: Jan 19, 2010 1:14pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Whats so damn atheistical about the dead?

Hey Bus--always a pleasure conversing with you, and though I know we have different perspectives on these matters, I do appreciate your dismay/unhappiness with various "teachers/leaders/organizations", to paraphrase.

My mom was one that had very negative experiences with "organized religion" and by the 60s was just waiting to be "exploited" by any number of new age whackos that came and went like me and my uncles from night to night from the late 60s thru the 70s (jeezzz, I guess it continues today)...she was way too innocent, and naive, but very well intentioned (as I mentioned, "spiritual" but not "religious" in the sense of organized forms; "christian" in behavior...).

In any event, she was really taken advantage of over the years by such individuals and groups representing themselves as teachers/gurus, and the $$ they extracted wasn't as much an issue to anger me as the emotional harm they did her...Rob mentioned to me that the new agers are not so innocent, and though they don't seem to have the destructive track record of so many of the traditional religions, I saw first hand what they can do; and of course, this informs my distaste for them, which I see reflected in you.

I have no problem whatsoever with someone pursuing such matters as you have on your own; just wanted you to know I appreciated your perspective...and wish you well in your searching.

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Poster: buscameby Date: Jan 19, 2010 3:02pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Whats so damn atheistical about the dead?

I can understand to intimately with what your mom went through.

I don;t hold the "teachers " responsible either and I actually have the same sympathy for the "new agers".

The traditions I have practice or studied have brought MUCH to who I am now, BUT I have seen many of them fall to human frailties and been disillusioned too.

My hardest test has just recently occurred and will take time to decipher but I wouldn't trade the experiences of the twenty some years I spent on that path.

It has cost me a lot of time and money and when the I get things back on track with my career I won't be as sensitive I hope to the whole experience.
I went into it fully aware that what I am experiencing could happen.

But like I said when I set out on this path after my BUS incident, both the real one and the "Cryptical Experience" I know that this life is a MYSTERY and needs to lived to be fulfilled.

I would also like to acknowledge our exchanges and deeply appreciate your understanding of the views I express here. I have few places I can share these disparate ideas without total reproach. I believe our experience with psychedelic wanderings allow us a unique insight into "mystical" preponderance's(if that's a word-lol).